Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow way!

As parents we get to do lots of fun and rewarding things with our boys. But, there are times when I find myself saying 'no' because it's the responsible thing to do even though I would rather say 'yes'.
But then I realize that is where grandparents and aunts come in! They get to bend the rules a bit.
So last week Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy had plans to play in the snow, but Brett was starting to cough and we had just gotten over bad colds and, although I hated to squash the fun, I said I thought it would be a bad idea for him to play outside.
That didn't stop their aunties.
Instead of taking the boys outside to play in the snow, they brought the snow inside to the boys:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The difference a day makes

This was Wednesday - 50 degrees and sunny

This was Thursday - 3.8 inches so far. 24 degrees with a windchill that makes it feel like 11 degrees

Wednesday while I was working the boys were outside with their Auntie Kiki & Auntie Nancy playing baseball, football, soccer and riding on bikes and scooters.

This morning it began snowing around 9 a.m. and hasn't stopped yet. Hard to complain since it has been like spring here all winter ... until now. We played outside for a couple of short stints since it was pretty cold and windy

Granddad made this awesome ramp so we can get Brett out of the house in his wheelchair and not have to wait in the cold for his bus. It also doubles as a fun sled hill!

Peyton walked out the door and dropped on the ground. Apparently he couldn't wait to make a snow angel.

Jackson catching snowflakes on his tongue.

* Special thanks to Auntie Kiki for the fun blog idea!

My kids crack me up

During the Christmas season we played a lot of I Spy in the car pointing out fun decorations and worked on our numbers by counting how many homes were decorated from one destination to another.

After Christmas the boys noticed there weren't as many decorations up or on and a few blocks from our house I noticed a house had taken down their Christmas decorations and already had a flag with red and pink hearts up. I said to the boys - "Look there's a heart flag, they're getting a real head start on Valentine's Day."

We drove about half a block and Jackson said "Mommy! Look at that house - they're already getting ready for Fourth of July." when he noticed a house with an American flag flying.

So funny.

When I explained that people fly their American flags all year round in honor of our country and freedom Peyton said very matter of fact: "I know we do the Pledge of Allegiance at school."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!

For New Years Grandma, Granddad & Auntie Rhonda hosted a sleepover for the boys so Tate and I could go to our annual fondue party and sleep in - what a treat! They even did overnight breathing treatments for our coughing trio.

Here are just a few highlights of 2011. So many things this past year I can't go through them all but here's a taste:

- Jackson & Peyton gave up paci's without incident
- Jackson & Peyton transitioned from cribs to beds with little disruption!
- All three boys started preschool
- Brett started taking the bus to school
- Brett got his first wheelchair (though used and donated to us we are SO grateful)
- The boys had their first overnight in a hotel (and keep asking when they will go again)
- We got pretty good at the family meal (I think it has been a goal every year since 2009)
- We had ZERO hospital stays for any of us (a first since 2007)
- I accomplished one of my goals from 2011 to read more - not counting parenting, marriage or faith-related books I read at least seven books for pure enjoyment!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and blessed 2012!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

The Christmas season with three year olds (or as they will correct me 3 and a HALF year olds) is pure joy.
I can't tell you how many mornings the boys woke up and asked "Is it Christmas? Did Santa come?" The waiting was tough and in Peyton's words "I'm just waiting and waiting". My favorite was asking the boys what Advent means and they would say - Coming!!

Peyton was the champ at finding our Elf Ernie every morning - he has an eagle eye.

This year the boys asked for race cars whenever anyone asked what they were asking Santa for. They also mentioned a bed for their friends (stuffed animals). Santa brought these items and Jackson & Peyton also received scooters and Brett got the coolest Elmo that plays drums and guitar and sings.

We didn't take a ton of pictures this year. I asked Tate, who is usually the photographer, why he wasn't taking pictures and he said he spends time behind the camera and misses the moments so this year instead of making pictures, we made memories. I realize that doesn't make for a great blog post so I'll share what I have.

I had the pleasure of kicking off my Christmas season by taking my niece Caroline to her first Nutcracker performance. It was fun sharing one of my favorite things with her, especially since we get so little time one on one.

Caroline and I attended the Sugar Plum Fairy party after the performance. She had her picture taken with my friend Hannah who was one of the amazing ballerinas.

This year the boys got their own trees in their rooms. They loved decorating and it was so funny how they crowded several ornaments on one branch. Brett LOVED his tree so much. He would practically jump out of my arms anytime we were in his room.

I wish I could get video to work on my blog. This year the boys learned the words to a handful of Christmas songs with their favorites being Rudolph and Frosty. My favorite was O Come All Ye Faithful, which Auntie Kerry helped them learn. This is Jackson singing Jingle Bells using his Pez dispenser as a microphone.

Brett made this gingerbread house at school. The boys bugged me for days to eat it so I finally let them. The boys destroyed it one piece of candy at a time. Brett had a ball and while he loved making it, I think devouring it was even more fun - the giggling was so awesome.

Since the boys were tiny we have attended the Shriner's Christmas party at the invitation of Lisle, a friend of Tate's from work. They get to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and there are presents and activities for the family. This year was even more special as Brett has benefited from the amazing care at Shriner's Hospital for orthopedic and physical therapy services - at no cost to our family.

Brett helps make a cake for Jesus' birthday. I should have gotten a picture of the finished product - lets just say there were plenty of sprinkles on every piece!

One of my favorite Christmas moments was Granddad getting on the floor to join Brett in enjoying the train that goes around Grandma & Granddad's tree. All the boys love that train!

A Christmas miracle - the C family got a Christmas picture with everyone looking!