Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A conversation with Granddad

The boys have hilarious conversations all the time. I thought I would share this one that occurred during dinner earlier this week as it keeps making me laugh when I think about it:

Peyton: Granddad do you like mustard?

Granddad: Yes, I do like mustard.

Jackson: Do you like Gorilla Cheese (it's Grilled Cheese, but apparently this is how it translates to 2.5 year olds)

Granddad: I do like Grilled Cheese - sometimes I eat two.

Peyton: No Granddad you have to eat them one at a time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter fun

I'm behind on updating my blog, but we've been busy.
Brett has about six doctors he sees and rather than have appointments all year round I jam them all in a two-week time period. He has to see most of them every six months so I feel a few busy weeks a year is better than doc visits all year round! So that has kept us busy. And great reports all around for Brett!!!
But we've been having a lot of fun too!

Before Grammy and Poppy headed back home :(We miss you) we took a trip to a pretty fancy children's museum. The entire museum is a miniature main street for children complete with a grocery store, car wash, nursery/child care, vet, library, sandwich shop, home under construction, music room, water room and a special Curious George exhibit. It's all their size and all hands on for development and learning. Poppy, Auntie Kiki and Auntie Nancy all came along and we had a blast:

Brett loved Curious George and practically jumped out of his chair

Brett got out of his chair for a closer look

Jackson and George are old buddies

Brett shows Jackson how to work the computer to play games in the "library"

Playing in the car wash/mechanics garage are (from left) Brett, Auntie Nancy, Poppy, Jackson, Peyton and Auntie Kiki

Peyton and Jackson cashier at the miniature grocery store

We've had some beautiful snowfalls in the last two months and while we are always thankful for our awesome aunties I am especially grateful when they come over and say "lets play in the snow". I am not a huge fan of being cold or cold and wet. But they get us out there and the boys LOVE it and I always end up glad we did it.

Brett making snow angels

Peyton waits excitedly for his turn with the snowball.

A rare family photo

Auntie Nancy and Brett

Auntie Kiki and Jackson