Monday, November 30, 2009

The Name Game

While those that see them often think Jackson & Peyton are very distinguishable others do have trouble telling them apart. I've always thought that someday they were going to try to really mess with people - switching on teachers and the like.

Well, it has already started!
I've always sung a song with the boys when getting them dressed that goes "stand up, stand up, stand up and tell us your name, your name" and in the last month they have been saying their own names. It is absolutely adorable. But Sunday Jackson started messing with us and it wasn't long before Peyton got in on the act:

You can tell they think they are hilarious!
The funny thing is that Jackson does not call Peyton by his name he calls him "P" - always has - and now we know he can say Peyton, but for whatever reason chooses to call him "P".

So Jackson and Peyton both call Brett baby even though they can both say Brett
Peyton calls Jackson "Sasson"
and Jackson calls Peyton "P"
Brett doesn't say his brothers' names yet, but this is sure to confuse him :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Enjoying warm weather

It's been awhile since I posted and we've been up to two things - recovering from nasty bugs and playing outside.

We started with pink eye and between the 5 of us had high fevers, sore throats, ear infections and congested coughs - a lot of it got passed around and we are finally on the upswing!
We are grateful that although November in the Chicago area can be cold it's been pretty nice. We've only worn our winter coats once so far! I am not a big fan of winter and being cold so I am soaking up as much of the outdoors as possible.
So I thought I would share some photos of our autumn fun!
Ok, not exactly the best time, but Jackson made the best of the doctor's office despite a double ear infection! He screamed when he saw the doctor who gave him two shots when he saw her for a well visit a few weeks before!
Grandma and Peyton go for a ride.
Peyton helping with raking!
Brett relaxing in the pile of leaves - he LOVED the crunching sound they make!
Jackson playing in the leaves.
Peyton (in stripes) and Jackson help Tate put up some Christmas lights. Brett was napping in the stroller. Tate took advantage of the nice weather to get the lights up, but we don't turn them on until after Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sorry it took me so long to get Halloween pictures up. Hope you enjoy them!
Peyton, Brett & Jackson - the 3 Little Bears.
I know they look miserable, but it is only because they hate sitting still for a picture. They loved their costumes and have been in them a few times after Halloween.
Brett and Grandma Uncle Jackie, Auntie Amy, Caroline & Sophie
Peyton Trick-or-Treating with Grandma and running through the leaves

Jackson playing with a pumpkin and lugging around his loot!
Auntie Rhonda holds Peyton as he takes in Auntie Kerry & Auntie Nancy in costume - after just a minute to realize who they were the boys were fine as you can see as Peyton kisses Auntie Kerry and Jackson snuggles with Auntie Nancy.