Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our crew

I've been saying for weeks that the boys need a haircut - short, for summer. So Sunday when they woke from their naps looking like little mops I said "Who wants to get their head buzzed like Daddy?" and Peyton said "Pey-ton does!"
As he was sitting on my lap waiting for his stylist (aka Daddy) to get started Tate said "I'm going really short - you're ok with this right?" I'm pretty sure I said right, but about three minutes in changed my mind. But, as you know, there is no going back once you buzz half their head. So, here are the pictures of the boys with their first crew cuts. I have to admit they are growing on me but it makes them seem so much older.

Peyton was the first up and was great! He was looking for the Blackhawks in one of Tate's magazines so he was distracted and he gave a huge smile when he looked in the mirror.

Jackson (left) was not so thrilled with the idea and even before his turn and without being asked once said "I'm good" (his way of saying I don't need a turn) and "I'm not ready." He fussed and cried, but he does that for all his haircuts. Tate did a great job considering how fast he had to do it.

Brett didn't seem to mind it and barely let out a whimper when his ear got slightly nicked. My favorite part was when I brought Brett into the playroom and asked Jackson & Peyton what they thought of Brett's haircut. There was at least 5 seconds of complete silence as they stared at him and took it in. Then, Jackson tilted his head to one side and said "Handsome!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today I am thankful that I have a great dad, an amazing husband who is also a wonderful father and that my boys have men in their lives they can be proud to look up to.

Here are a few of my favorite moments with Daddy, Grandad and Poppy from this past year.

Tate cuddling with Brett and Jackson at bedtime

Peyton & Jackson "helping" Daddy fix the kitchen sink. They must have said "I fix it" 100 times. They crawled on top of Tate to see under the sink, poked him with screwdrivers and he still got it fixed!

Peyton & Jackson hanging out with Granddad on the couch.

Poppy doing "dee da deed da da dee da da da dum" (those of you not familiar think of the tune of Turkey in the Straw) for Brett

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congratulations Blackhawks!

In case you missed it the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup with an exciting win on Wednesday! The boys were sleeping but the next morning I turned on ESPN so they could watch the highlights. They love trophies so I thought they would enjoy it. They especially liked the fighting (which is half of hockey) jumping and hugging.

My favorite though was when the players were taking turns hoisting the Stanley Cup over their heads. Peyton said "Garbage can? Dumping?" which made me laugh so hard.

While watching the parade and rally on television several days later the boys were bored quickly. They enjoyed the video montage but when Mayor Daley and Gov. Quinn got up and talked at the podium the boys kept saying Blackhawks? Blackhawks? They just wanted to watch a hockey game. I tried to explain that this IS the Blackhawks and they are celebrating but Peyton said "No Mommy MY Blackhawks."

Jackson especially likes the sport and during the finals it was often one of the first things he asked about when he woke up.

The Blackhawks are special to me too because Tate and I went on a lot of dates to Blackhawk games including the last in the old Chicago Stadium (man, that makes me sound old!) Later, as an adult, I learned from my Grammy that her first date with my Grandpa was to a Blackhawks game which I still have trouble imagining.

Tate pointed out something I think is so cool. All of our favorite Chicago sports teams have won a championship in our lifetime the Bulls, Bears and White Sox - that is pretty rare.

Here are a few "hockey" related pictures -

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ready for takeoff

We had a rainy weekend, but we picked the perfect morning to go to our first airplane show at a nearby municipal airfield. It was sunny with a pleasant breeze and we spent a few hours looking at the planes and helicopters, watching them take off and land and watching people parachute out with Uncle David and Aunt Mo. Another big hit was the Greyhound dog rescue group. The boys loved petting them and we had to swing by and see them before we left.

Uncle David teaching Jackson & Peyton all about airplanes

Brett tells Aunt Mo how much fun he is having. He loved the noises and, for some reason, laughed every time the announcer spoke over the loudspeaker

Peyton - I could be a pilot - I've already got the cool shades!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visiting 'sconsin

We spent an extended Memorial Day weekend in Wisconsin visiting my parents. The boys love being up there playing outside all day and we had the best weather! In addition to me and the boys all my sisters and my two nieces Caroline and Sophie went too! We left home at bedtime thinking they would sleep in the car (which they did) and stay asleep and be carried to the house (which my boys did not). I was beginning to think it was a bad idea when Jackson was still galloping around the house at 2:30 a.m. and all the adults were weary and trying to sleep - he eventually fell asleep and thankfully things got better. With 5 children under the age of 3 it was hectic, but it was fun! I think we all knew a little better what to expect after giving it a try last year and now that they are older it feels like it is getting a little easier.
We played outside all day Friday, spent the day at the beach swimming Saturday - a special thank you to Pat & Don Dathe who were so kind to let us play on their beach! Sunday we went on the boys' first boat ride - a special thank you to Barb & Bob May who let us invade their boat and showed us around the lake. Then we went swimming again.

Tate stayed home so he could get some big projects done. Check out the photos at the end for the big surprise we came home to.

Here are some pictures from our adventures:

Grammy & Brett chill on the beach


Me, Brett & Peyton - our boys are water bugs!

A family boat ride!

Brett was finally feeling better and the boat ride was so relaxing for him. He loves the wind in his face!

Sophie & Caroline

Peyton & Jackson joined Auntie Nancy to read the sports section. Jackson made her turn to the Blackhawks page about a hundred times.

A tea party

Auntie Kiki and Brett relax on the John Deere

Poppy and Jackson

Jackson & Auntie Kiki drive the John Deere

Brett "at the beach." He was not feeling well and wasn't able to go swimming so Auntie Kiki stayed home with him and they "swam" in the bathtub, cooked bread and played on the deck.

Auntie Kiki & Brett hanging out

Jackson & Peyton eat corn on the cob for the first time and loved it!

Jackson & Caroline helped Auntie Kiki and Poppy plant a new plum tree

While we were gone Tate remodeled the toy room!