Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few firsts

When I was growing up going to the movies was a big deal. I have a very vague memory of going to see Snow White with my parents and Amy so I must have been three. But I can tell you every movie I saw through to high school. My most memorable was when I was 10 and my mom surprised us and took us to see E.T. It was summer and we were playing outside and she called us in and surprised us. I just wanted to go out and play and remember her saying it was a movie about an alien and that did not appeal to me. But it turned out to be one of my favorite movies and I loved it (thanks mom!) So all this to say that things have changed for kids today (I sound like I'm 100 years old). Really, though. A new animated movie comes out about every other month and the typical age to start going to movies is three and it isn't a rare occurrence, it's a typical activity for kids. But Tate and I both love movies and wanted to wait until the boys were a little older. We recently started to watch some of the Disney movies at home on Family Friday nights. The boys loved Monsters Inc. and laughed a lot. We went back and forth, but thought they would really enjoy Monsters University.
We didn't want to get our hopes up that they would love it too, but they did. Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy came along making it even more special for all of us. After it was over Peyton turned to me and asked if we could go to the movies again some time.
One of my other favorite moments was Peyton eating popcorn. He does not share my love for popcorn. But that's because he never had movie popcorn. He leaned over during the movie and said "I think I like popcorn like this. Mommy next time you buy popcorn can you buy this kind?"
I got to have Brett on my lap for the movie and although I don't know how much of the screen he can see he listened intently and laughed at all the funny spots. He really seemed to enjoy it. Jackson was sidled up to Tate eating popcorn by the fist full.
When telling people they went to their first movie most asked if they liked it. They said "yes, and we were really quiet." And they were!

Jackson and Peyton giving their tickets.

Brett turning in his movie ticket.

Before the movies with Tate, me, Brett, Auntie Kerry, Peyton, Jackson and Auntie Nancy - the Monsters University signs were already gone so we posed with Turbo the snail.

Brett enjoying his popcorn.

Peyton, Jackson and Tate just after the lights went down.

Last Friday we went to our first downtown car show. They hold them every week during the summer and we've talked about it for years, but finally did it. The boys seemed to enjoy checking out the cars, but did not like that we asked them not to touch the cars - they're so shiny it's hard not to. It was Mustang night and we met Uncle David and his brother Jimmy, Uncle Dan, Aunt Gina, Karissa and Frankie. We didn't stay long since it starts close to bed time, but it was a fun way to spend a Family Friday night.
Jackson was fascinated by the drive-in speaker on this car. It was actually playing music and he couldn't help, but lean in and listen.
Jackson and Peyton.
Brett found a Mustang that matched his wheels.


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