Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

Jackson, Brett and Peyton

Brett                                               Peyton                                           Jackson
We've avoided parades up until this point because Brett has extremely acute hearing and some sounds really bother him. But this past year he has been doing listening therapy and has been much less bothered by noise. So we decided to give the parade in Brookfield, where I grew up and my sister Amy lives, a try. The boys had a ball!

Squatting on the curb with cousins Caroline and Sophie and Auntie Kerry.

Jackson taking a break in the shade to enjoy a piece of his parade candy.

Peyton and Brett dance to one of the bands.

We continued our tradition of hosting a BBQ and walking to the park across the street to watch the fireworks. We enjoyed time with friends and family and even had a few more families join us this year!
They were all able to stay up for the fireworks, but were begging to go to bed as soon as the fireworks were over.
The boys made patriotic pies with Auntie Kerry for the BBQ.

Jackson and his cherry pie.

Peyton trying to sneak a taste of his strawberry pie.

Brett proud of his blueberry pie.

Lots of bike, big wheel and scooter riding all afternoon. Peyton gives Sophie a lift.

Peyton, Oliver and Jackson hanging out in the yard. The boys played baseball and football for hours with Frankie (background).


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