Monday, February 25, 2013

Monster trucks

Me and Poppy with Peyton, Jackson & Brett

For Brett's fundraiser last year there were tickets to a Monster Truck show. Amy and my dad both bid on and won tickets. When it came closer to the date Amy realized they would be out of town so she gave the tickets to us. It turned out each set of tickets were for a different day. The donors were gracious enough to exchange them all for the same show.
I called ahead to the venue to see about accessible seating and, unfortunately, because the tickets were a donation and I didn't purchase them I met with some resistance. The company that donated the tickets stepped up and offered us seats in one of their suites, pit passes and made special accommodations to get Brett into the pits by taking a freight elevator! We got the rock star treatment and the boys were each given a program and pennants of the trucks.
Poppy came in to take the boys along with me and Tate, which was the most special part.

The boys loved it, but by intermission Brett was done with the noise (I may have been as well:) The trucks are very loud!

Poppy and Brett

Brett and Peyton

Peyton gives Jackson a pretend ride on a 4-wheeler.

Brett takes a seat on another 4-wheeler.

Getting ready for the event.


Jackson studying his new Monster Truck program.

Another bonus - Grammy came to visit too! We got to spend some special time with her too playing games and having tons of fun! 
Thank you Grammy & Poppy for such a special visit!


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