Friday, August 26, 2011

Our precious preschoolers!

I can't believe how little I have blogged this summer. I will do a summer highlights blog soon, but didn't want to miss this milestone so...
The boys all had their first day of preschool!
Brett started at the end of last school year and although he knew what to expect and loves school, this year he will be riding the bus to and from school (insert deep breath from Mommy).
This is the first school experience for Jackson and Peyton. All the boys go to Sunday School, but they are in the same class. For preschool Brett goes to a school for children with special needs. But we also chose to put Jackson and Peyton in separate classes to experience life as individuals and not an identicals nobody (besides close friends and family) can tell apart.
Wednesday was meet the teacher day for Jackson & Peyton. Jackson was a little nervous and, I think, would have been fine. But, just as he was about to walk into his room the school bell went off right by his ear. He freaked out and started to cry and wanted to be picked up. Meanwhile, Peyton is repeating everything I say "Don't worry Jackson it's just a bell."
It took about 10 minutes for him to calm down and he felt better when the teacher assured him the bell was just to tell big kids to go to their desks and he didn't have to pay attention to it.
They were both excited to go to class, but we ended up with afternoon sessions and every 5 minutes from the time they wake up they want to know if it is time for school - uggh!
When we pulled up Jackson told me he was going to stay in his chair and rebuckled his car seat - multiple times.
I convinced Jackson to come out and he seemed fine until we put Peyton in his line and headed toward his. He was all tears and I don't want to go to school.
The best, though, was that Peyton lunged out of line toward me holding Jackson and shouted "Jackson, it's ok. It's gonna be fun!" and stepped back in line.
Jackson's teacher carried him in and while he was still crying he didn't struggle and didn't call for me. His teacher said he was fine once he was busy.
As Peyton's class filed into the school he ran out of line to me and I though "oh no" but he said "one more hug and kiss! I hope Jackson is going to be ok" than darted back to the end of the line. Every few steps or so he would turn around and wave enthusiatically, walk a few more steps and blow a kiss, all the way until I couldn't see him anymore.
All in all it went well. Truth be told I'm exhausted from the emotion of it all - and this is just preschool!

Waiting for the bus

Brett loves the lift on and off the bus. Much to our relief he loves the bus ride too. His driver says he giggles all the way there. We are so grateful! He loves a bumpy ride, but hates to be in the car so we weren't sure what to expect.

Stepping onto the school yard. Moments before meltdown.



An attempt at a group photo at the end of the first day.

The boys came home to fresh baked chocolate chip cookie bars (just like in the Berenstain Bear book - they are obsessed with those bears). They may have been a little worn out too!