Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall fun

Trailer ride to the apple orchards Auntie Kerry, Jackson, Uncle Jackie,Peyton, Auntie Nancy, Brett, Sophie, Poppy, Auntie Amy, Caroline and Grammy

October is flying by. I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog entry! We are all doing well - just busy. October is one of my busiest work months so the blog went on the back burner.

Below are some photos from a weekend in Michigan. My family spent many summers there and we try to return every year in the fall. This year we rented a house (thanks Amy & Jackie for putting it all together). We celebrated big birthdays for Auntie Amy & Poppy and the boys had a blast. Unfortunately Tate and I were not able to spend the whole weekend there but we are grateful to Auntie Kiki, Auntie Nancy and everyone for taking great care of the boys so they could be part of all the fun.

Auntie Kiki helps Brett pick apples - which he loved! Peyton filling his bucket

Preparing the campfire!

Jackson trying on firefighter gear at Ciderfest

Auntie Kiki helping Brett through the giant inflatable obstacle course. He smiled ear to ear the whole time. She took each of the boys and the second they got off the giant slide at the end they said AGAIN!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jackson's first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride

I'll begin at the end so everyone knows that Jackson is fine.

Sunday Auntie Amy and Uncle Jackie were gracious enough to take Brett, Jackson and Peyton home from church for the afternoon to give me and Tate a break and me a much needed chance to catch up on some work projects.
As Tate and I were pulling out of the driveway to pick them up Amy called to let me know the paramedics were on the way. No nobody was hurt after playing on their new playset all afternoon - Jackson hit his head on a table and may need stitches.
Typically they would have just taken him to the emergency room themselves but with 5 children 3 and under (don't forget Amy & Jackie have two girls) they would have had to take everybody, which would require two cars and nobody to hold a towel to Jackson's bleeding head. Rather than take any chances since it was a bleeding head injury I gave the paramedics permission to take Jackson to the emergency room before we arrived.
So Uncle Jackie hopped aboard and kept Jackson calm (apparently he quieted when he realized he was in an ambulance with sirens).
By the time I arrived at the hospital he was dozing peacefully in Uncle Jackie's arms. The doctor came in and they decided since it was such a clean gash to just glue it together rather than do stitches. It only took them a few minutes to get it all set and Jackson mostly fussed from being held still.
Peyton and Brett headed home with Tate and I think Peyton was worse than Jackson crying hysterically not quite sure where his brother went and if he was OK. In addition to Daddy, Jackson asked for his brothers several times and when he walked up the sidewalk and saw Peyton waiting at the door said "I want to hug Peyton!"
We are extremely grateful it was just a minor injury and that he was in such good hands when it happened. The nurse at the hospital complemented Uncle Jackie several times on how good he was with Jackson! And Auntie Amy was so great and even had the great idea to pack snacks for Jackson who was hungry and very appreciative!
This morning this was the conversation between Jackson and Peyton:
Jackson: "I got to ride in an ambulance last week" (everything in the past happened "last week" in Jackson's world).
Peyton: "Ya, I was in an ambulance too"
Jackson: "NO PEYTON! Just me was."

Jackson received a special bear from the paramedics and lots of stickers for his shirt at the hospital.