Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter break

Last year Tate and I thought it would be nice to get away in the midst of winter to break things up a bit. So last week we packed up the boys, grabbed Auntie Kiki & Auntie Nancy and went on an adventure.

Our first stop was a water park in Wisconsin Dells. Unfortunately I lost Auntie Kiki's camera on the lazy river so no pictures and video from the water park. But we all loved it! The laughter and the smiles were non stop.
The boys got to stay over in a hotel which they have been asking about since their first hotel stay last summer.

Next stop was a cabin in the woods for one night. We played games and hung out.

Apparently all the places to eat in the Dells involve funny hats so....

Last stop was Grammy & Poppy's. We hung out, played, read books, splashed at their water park (aka Grammy's giant tub) and had a great time. We also went sledding on an ice hill which everyone loved.

Playing in Poppy's garage

Jackson loved sledding and even went down the hill solo!

Brett went down the hill more than anyone. Exhausted from a great time!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Super bowl celebration

So, I forgot to take pictures of our Super Bowl party - which was low key, but fun. We had some friends and Auntie Kerry here and had a great time.
We weren't big fans of either team, but we all picked a team anyway. We were a house divided. Tate, Jackson & Brett chose the Patriots. Peyton and I chose the Giants, but then he defected to the other side on game day.
I teased the boys that the losers would make the winner pancakes in the morning and that I would be the one eating pancakes. They said "No Mommy, we can't make pancakes. We don't know how!" and I said "You've got to learn sometime."
Of course, I was kidding.
But, at the crack of dawn the next morning Auntie Kiki was at the door with eggs, milk and flour and ready to help the boys make pancakes - I was so surprised!

Chef Brett

Chef Peyton

Chef Jackson

My victory pancake! Yum.

Silly sleepover

A few weeks ago Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy offered to have the boys over for their first sleepover at their house. They surprised the boys on a Friday afternoon and they were SO excited.
They went out to dinner, played new games, built a tent to sleep in and stayed up past their bedtime. They had a great time. When I called the next morning to say we were home from an appointment the boys said they missed us, but could they stay a little longer because they hadn't gotten to everything yet. The sure sign of a great time!