Friday, September 24, 2010

The Potty Train

As we have been preparing to potty train Jackson and Peyton we got a book out of the library about using the potty like big boys. At the end it says 'I'm ready to be a big boy - are you?'
I read the book to the boys and nobody answered.
So I said: "Are you ready to potty train?"
Jackson enthusiastically shouted: " I want to get on the potty train!"

Several days later after taking the boys shopping for potty seats and big boy underwear it was really quiet downstairs while I finished feeding Brett his dinner.
This is what I found:

Yes, those are their new underwear on the ground and on Peyton's head!

So, all aboard - we are starting tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated (and as the photo illustrates - clearly needed :)

By the time Brett is ready I should be an expert at this - right?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the Road

We spent the better part of the first two weeks of September "on the road". The first was a long weekend trip to visit Grammy & Poppy in Wisconsin. We were home for two days then packed into the car and drove almost 12 hours to visit Tate's family in Tennessee.
We had a great time on both trips. The landing has been a little rough as they seem to be taking turns teething their molars and still want to go "bye, bye" all day missing all the attention they had on the trips.


We were in Wisconsin with Auntie Amy, Caroline & Sophie (Uncle Jackie had to stay behind to work) as well as Auntie Kiki and Auntie Nancy. While we had visions of closing out the summer with some swimming at the beach and a ride in Poppy's boat Mother Nature had her own ideas. It was rainy and chilly most of our stay. But we didn't let it dampen our fun.
The first day we headed to Wisconsin Dells and Grammy led us to a great restaurant where we got our food delivered on a train. Attached to the restaurant was an arcade and indoor amusement park. While the boys were not tall enough to go on any of the real rides they LOVED getting on this little bus that "drove" when you put in a few tokens. They tried their hand as skee ball and did some bowling. There was also an indoor play area that kept them busy for awhile. Auntie Kiki, Auntie Nancy and Auntie Amy kept up with all the little ones and helped Brett climb and slide along with everyone else.
Another day we did a park crawl visiting a bunch of area parks and had lunch in the club house and Auntie Kiki and Auntie Nancy organized a night out at a local restaurant with a big outdoor patio. We had front row seats to the live band (a first I think for the boys) and we let the boys stay up past their bedtime to do some dancing!
A special thanks to Poppy for getting another bedroom finished. It was a good thing too since Jackson & Peyton decided they no longer wanted to sleep in Pack n Plays and climbed out the first night. We were able to close the door and keep everyone contained without bothering the rest of the house!

Sophie and Brett "in jail" (For some reason all my Brett pictures are blurry :(

The restaurant in the Dells was like an old Western lodge and every time the boys passed this mannequin Grammy would say "Hi Old Timer" and the boys would just laugh and laugh. Jackson liked shaking his hand.

Peyton on a motorcycle ride. The best part is these are video games, but the boys are too little to know the difference. They just like to climb up and sit - doesn't cost a penny!

Peyton driving the bus

Caroline "playing" a drum game

Poppy and the kids made doughnuts one morning and everyone got to help!
From top left Sophie, Brett, Peyton, Sophie Jackson & Caroline

Everybody thinks we are crazy to take a long road trip with three toddlers, but Auntie Kiki came along with us on her first trip to Tennessee and Grandma, Granddad and Auntie Rhonda help make it a smooth trip.
Except for a few moments when Kerry and I were trying to keep everyone in the car entertained, the boys did great!
The boys spent most of the trip hanging out with Auntie Rhonda, Grandma and Granddad, the aunts, uncles and cousins. As we were only there a few days I feel like me, Tate & Kerry didn't get to spend any time with family but quickly realized they are more interested in loving on the little ones :)
We were able to show Auntie Kiki some areas of Tennessee and spent an afternoon at Dollywood - which was so great - and gave us a chance to scope it out for future trips with the boys!
It has become a tradition to tailgate and go to a game at the University of Tennessee and Auntie Kiki got to see the amazing Tailgate Brenda, Steve & Jenny put on. We got caught in a lightning/rain storm and the Vols ended up losing the game, but we always have a great time and I think Auntie Kiki really enjoyed her experience down South.
A special thank you to Aunt Delta for hosting us and cousin Terry for sharing all the great toys and tractors that helped make the boys feel so at home. The whole way home the boys asked if we were going to see Aunt Delta and the cows or if they were going to Aunt 'Nita's (Juanita) to see her, Aunt Ramelle, Uncle Bert & Aunt Thelma. We miss everyone!

Aunt Ramelle cuddles Jackson & Granddad snuggled with Peyton

Unfortunately I didn't remember to pictures of the boys with the family while we were there but the boys got to meet Grandma's aunts (so that would be their Great-Grandmommy's sisters)

Bobbie,Mary, Maxine, Dot & Bill

Kerry at the tailgate getting her first taste of real moonshine! Every year when I write this blog I think that I should have taken better pictures at the tailgate - you wouldn't believe the spread - like something right out of Southern Living!