Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Open House

About a week ago Jackson came home from Preschool saying that his teacher said there was an open house and he could invite anyone he wanted. We didn't get any information sent home (not unusual for his teacher) and I wondered if it was that night and we were going to miss it. But Peyton's teacher sent home a flier and it was coming the following week. It turns out Brett's school also was having an open house that night. So, Tate and I made a plan to get everyone dinner and out the door to make it to two open houses across town from one another. The afternoon of the open house Jackson wanted to know who was coming. I told him mommy, daddy and his brothers. "No!!! EVERYONE has to come. My teacher said everyone could come and I could invite anyone I wanted," Jackson said close to tears. He was so crushed when I told him I didn't realize that and it might be too late for anyone else to make it. But, Grandma, Granddad and Grammy were great sports and jumped at the invitation even though they only had a few hours notice. The boys loved showing off their classrooms, friends and teachers to the family.

Brett was so excited about us visiting his school he could not contain himself. He loves school. He showed everyone how he accesses the computer, the toys he plays with, where he does circle time and the bean plant he is growing. Jackson was a great tour guide and showed off all of the centers in his classroom.
Here's Brett so excited as we get him in his chair in the parking lot:

Here's Jackson showing me how he solves mysteries. He was a great tour guide and enjoyed showing the family all the centers in his classroom.

Peyton (gray sweatshirt) shows off his artwork to Granddad, Grandma, Grammy, Jackson and Brett. 
Peyton gave a quick tour and enjoyed playing with his brothers at the water table and in the "pond" he made with his classmates.

 In case you are wondering if we had a good time here is a picture of the family created by Jackson:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

As is our tradition we headed to the mall with Grandma and Granddad to see the Easter Bunny this year. The boys loved him and enjoyed a special lunch with Grandma & Granddad. It's a favorite annual activity. (Brett, Jackson, Easter Bunny & Peyton)

Brett, Jackson & Peyton in their Easter best!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Opening Day

Peyton was ready to celebrate opening day first thing this morning with his breakfast of champions - pancakes, lots of syrup!

So the Sox didn't put up a W for their first season game, but we are still excited about baseball season!
It's become a tradition to take opening day photos of the boys. They were not in a very cooperative mood for photos today. We'll see what we get on the home opener :)

Happy Spring!

Watching the game at Grandma & Granddads

Are we done yet?

Super silly

It's hard to stand up straight when you are laughing so hard - I have no idea what was so funny.