Monday, May 21, 2012

First (big) live show!

The boys saw Veggie Tales live when they were 2 at our church and were kind of young to appreciate it. We went to a college production with friends last year, but we sat far back and the boys did not pay the best attention.
So when Aunt Becca, Uncle Chris, Maddie and Abby gave the boys tickets to Sesame Street Live I was as excited as they were! It turns out it had a super hero theme - which was right up the boys' alley. Tate couldn't make it so Auntie Nancy joined us.
The boys had a blast and I enjoyed watching them each take in the show. Peyton was smiling ear to ear and visibly having a great time. Jackson looked so serious but never took his eyes off the stage and when he got in the car afterward couldn't stop talking about the show. Even though we were super close to the stage I don't think Brett could see the characters, but every time he heard Elmo (who he adores) his whole body would just dance!
Here are some photos from our special day - thank you Aunt Becca, Uncle Chris, Maddie and Abby!

We started with lunch at Chick-fil-A - a favorite treat!

Taking in the show (me and Brett, Jackson and Peyton)

Jackson, Peyton and Auntie Nancy

I know this picture didn't turn out well, but the boys were so excited to share their first snow cone I had to include it.

After intermission half the kids in the theater had the Elmo head balloons. Peyton only asked once if we were getting anything and wasn't bothered with I said no. The show ended with confetti falling from the ceiling. The boys enjoyed collecting it to take home!

Couldn't get all three in the picture (Brett on the left and Peyton on the right), but they all conked
out after the show. A quiet car ride home was a treat for me and Auntie Nancy too!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fabulous 4!

Every year leading up to the boys' birthday I get a little sad they are growing up so fast. This year I must have been busier than usual because I didn't reflect on it too much. About a week before their birthday party I was in the grocery store and grabbed a candle shaped like a 4 for their cake. As I put it in the cart I was fighting back tears. Wham! Out of nowhere! I'm standing in the aisle by myself, tears running down my face. I think it's partly because I've loved each age.
I feel like they were just born so it was shocking to wake up this morning to four year olds!
Since their birthday fell on a "school day." We celebrated their birthday on Saturday.
Here are some of the highlights of the super hero party:

Auntie Kerry & Auntie Nancy came early and were part of the decorating squad. They had made all kinds of artwork to hang - even Grammy colored some pictures. The boys really enjoyed helping decide where to put the decorations. Auntie Kerry made the wall-size comic book and even incorporated the boys into the story. I've read it to them about a million times since Saturday!
Aunt Gina and Uncle Dan made the amazing cake. You can see from the boys' reaction when they brought it over that it was a big hit (and delicious)!

Everyone was so generous. The boys enjoyed opening their gifts, but by the time we ate, sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cake Brett was exhausted. He tried to stay awake, but fell asleep in his chair right in the middle of opening gifts.
We all had a great time and it was a reminder of how blessed we are to have such adorable boys to share with amazing family and friends!