Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have been blessed to be able to purchase special chairs and a stander through Early Intervention and to borrow a walker to help Brett. Despite all the products out there I find myself constantly saying "if we could only..." make that chair higher, make his car seat more comfortable, make it easier for him to play with that toy and the list goes on. With help from his therapists and our family we have learned how to "MacGyver" odds and ends to help Brett with everyday activities - a piece of Velcro here - a bit of foam there. But I wanted to share the latest. It started as an idea I turned over in my head for awhile. I shared it with Tate and he mulled it over and made some adjustments. Auntie Kiki added some feedback. Granddad cut some wood.
This is the result:

What made Brett smile so much?
Daddy adapted our Choo Choo Wagon so Brett could ride too! An old high chair seat, some wood, screws and a bungee cord and Brett can now ride too. I love our wagon and when the boys were big enough to ride in it I was sad that Brett wasn't able to sit in it. Jackson & Peyton have gone in the wagon while Brett was in a stroller and it always made me a bit sad.
On our inaugural ride Monday night Brett talked and giggled the whole time. He wasn't the only one with a big smile!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Honey Mamma

Several weeks ago when Tate was away for a few days Jackson and Peyton woke up and were suddenly calling me Mamma (Jackson) and Mom (Peyton) instead of their usual Mommy. It was out of nowhere and lasted for several days until Peyton too started calling me Mamma. At first I didn't really like it - I was so used to their tiny voices saying Mommy I wanted to correct them. But then Mamma kind of grew on me. I'm still not quite sure where it came from although, Brett has always called me Mamma. There seem to be a lot of mammas in the books we read. Who knows? But I love it.
Jackson also has, for the past few weeks, begun to finish a lot of his sentences with "honey". As in "Peyton - come play with me honey" or "Can I have some milk honey?" as well as his "hi honey" and "ok honey". We wondered where he go that and suddenly we are all realizing we say it all the time. I noticed right away that it comes out of my mouth at least a dozen times a day. Then Grandma said she too calls them honey as well as calling Granddad honey. Aunti Kiki who spends all day Wednesday with them realized that she says it all day long. So it really is no wonder.
But it is just so cute - see for yourself - watch the video below!