Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brett's first glasses

Brett got glasses on Saturday. So far he really seems to like them and hasn't been bothered by them. Jackson and Peyton have said "glasses" a few times, but otherwise seem to be oblivious to them. He needs them to see both near and far. So many times I wish I could step into Brett's shoes (especially when things are tough on him). I wish I could see things from his perspective now that he has better vision!

Below are some photos and captions from Tate after we took Brett to get his specs.

Checking them out!
Getting glasses will wear a boy out!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First sled rides

Ok, so I don't have all the Christmas photos together yet so my posts will be a little bit out of order, but here's what we did yesterday!
Jackson, me, Brett and Peyton

Jackson & Peyton shoveling

The snow started falling late Wednesday night and although a light flurrying, it snowed without stopping all day Thursday. With the few inches we had on the ground from our white Christmas it's really piling up. The boys have stood out in snowfalls but this is the first time they really played in the snow. Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy came to help shovel (how great are my sisters?) and Auntie Kerry ran out and got some sleds and little shovels so we could all enjoy the snow. Our driveway is on a slight incline and was perfect for their first sledding experience. They cried when me made them go inside!
Thank you to Jennifer and her boys Liam, Connor and Aidan for passing along your snowsuits for the winter - they are perfect!
Auntie Nancy and Peyton capturing the moment on video
And here's some of the video to enjoy - - -
The first is Peyton, second is Jackson and third is Brett

A very Merry Christmas

(Brett, Jackson & Peyton)
We had a really great Christmas with lots of good memories.
On Christmas Eve we went to church with the boys' aunts, cousins and Grandma & Granddad and the boys were so well behaved and really enjoyed all the music. We spent the evening at my cousin's house and the boys were so well behaved there too - even passed their bedtime - and kept everyone entertained.
My favorite moment was when the boys first came down to see that Santa had come they were excited to play with the large cardboard bricks that Santa brought but didn't wrap but instead stacked around the tree. Jackson & Peyton ran over and were playing with the bricks, paused, turned around to where I was holding Brett and said "here you go" and each gave Brett a brick to play with. I was almost brought to tears at their thoughtfulness. To stop in the middle of such an exciting moment to make sure their brother could be a part of it just amazes me!
Santa also brought the boys a fish tank. Unfortunately the fish didn't last long - I guess flying around the world with Santa was too much for them. So Tate is going to take the boys to pick out some new "fishys".

The boys enjoyed their gifts from Santa and in the afternoon we went to Grandma & Granddad's and had a great time there with them and Auntie Rhonda opening gifts and playing with them. So fun to see the differences where Jackson just wanted to play with what he had opened and Peyton was ready to tear into the next thing. Brett really seemed to enjoy grabbing onto the paper and pulling gifts open!
Jackson liked to take his time opening gifts.
Peyton got a giant apple in his stocking from Grandma & Granddad and didn't waste any time sinking his teeth in!
Brett loved tearing the paper!

The next day we hosted my family. The boys stayed in their PJs and their cousins Caroline & Sophie came in their PJs and it was adorable.
Sophie, Peyton, Jackson, Caroline & Brett
Caroline getting some Brett kisses!

We enjoyed breakfast and gift exchanges and just hung out and enjoyed each other's company the entire day while the snow continued to fall outside.
Sunday we celebrated Caroline & Sophie's birthdays at their house and really had fun playing with their toys. Their piano is a big hit and Brett enjoyed playing with a cow that moos Christmas carols.
We couldn't have asked for a more fun holiday surrounded by family. As we move into 2010 we are so thankful for all the blessings of 2009.
I have to share a funny story
As we are packing up the Christmas decorations we had the boys' manger on the kitchen table. Several times Peyton and Jackson asked "Jesus? Jesus?"
My answer - "We're putting Jesus away until next Christmas."
What? I know! The second I said it I quickly tried to recover by saying - well just the toy Jesus - Jesus is always in your heart. Just wait until they start asking the tough questions - boy am I in trouble!

New posts are coming


I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. We've just been enjoying the holidays and I was off work for a week and spent as little time on the computer as possible!
I will get some Christmas pictures posted soon and we have some cute video to share too!
Happy 2010!