Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brett's first day of school

Brett started preschool on Monday. This is the before picture.

I didn't have the heart to take an after picture because it involved sobbing.
Brett wasn't the only one who was sad.
I dropped him off, told him he was going to have a great time, hopped in the van and had to pull over before I got down the block. I sobbed too.
I am so excited about Brett's school and his amazing teachers and therapists, but Brett had never been "on his own" before without a family member.
The report from his teacher was that he loved computer time and did well until snack time when he refused to eat and it all went down hill from there. She assured me it was on par for a first day.
His sobbing broke my heart. Although he has a new computer device where he touches pictures to talk - it's new. He couldn't tell me why he was unhappy or why he didn't eat his snack.
But then he came home and had lunch. He took a good nap. When he woke he was in a great mood. We walked through his notebook from school and "talked" about what was marked in his book about him working on the computer and music therapy.
While we were doing this it began to pour rain through the sunshine and I thought 'that's exactly how today felt.' It was as if God was acknowledging what a challenge the day had been for us and the mix of emotions.
Despite the fact that I know this will be something great for Brett, I couldn't help but cry.
Despite Brett being so excited to go to school, he too cried.
Despite an emotional and challenging day, we were happy to be at the end of it.
When we woke this morning Brett helped me pick out and pack his snack and on his second day he ate and drank every bit.
Before me, Jackson and Peyton drove him to his second day at school we read "Llama Llama Misses Mama" (a story about a Llama who is sad his mom isn't with him, but then learns he can love his mom and school too) and on his second day Brett's speech therapist said he'd had a great day!
I was relieved, but not surprised. I don't think a day has gone by that this little boy hasn't amazed me in ways big or small.
I pray that each day will get easier and more comfortable for Brett and for me as well.

Brett started preschool because he aged out of the state's Early Intervention when he turned 3. It then becomes the responsibility of the school district to make sure there are no "gaps in services" and that he continues to learn and get therapy.
So, Jackson and Peyton will begin preschool in a different program in the fall. I'm excited and hesitant just thinking about it. Do I really have to go through this all over again?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walking the walk

Saturday we participated in Easter Seals' Run/Walk for the Kids. Our family raised more than $1,000 for Easter Seals where Brett has received quite a few services and therapies in the last three years.
Aunt Amy and I walked two miles with Brett in the jogging stroller and Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy ran the 5K race.
We were so grateful the rain held off and it wasn't too cold.
The event was yet another reminder of how truly blessed we are to have such a supportive and amazing family!
Everyone showed up for the event/after party and it was a blast!

Brett and I have a pre-race pep talk

Brett celebrates with me, Auntie Kiki, Peyton and Jackson, Auntie Amy, Sophie, Caroline and Auntie Nancy. (Not pictured but in attendance were Daddy, Uncle Jackie, Grammy and Grandma and Granddad)



Caroline, Peyton, Jackson and Sophie warm up for the Kids Dash

Brett showing off his medal. Every day he is our champion!

The night before the event I asked Auntie Kiki if she had been training for the race at all (5K equals a bit over 3 miles). She said "In my mind" and added it had been a few years since she ran. Yet, she still earned a trophy for her age group!

Three x 3

It seems like one week is busier than the next - but so is the life with three 3-year-olds.
Even typing that is strange to me.
The boys had a Bob the Builder birthday with very cool construction decorations courtesy of Auntie Kiki.
Last year I was in complete denial they were turning 2, but this year we have been so busy that the boys turning three seemed to fit right in.
- With three comes comments like: I can do it myself! and I'm not your baby boy I'm a big boy.
- With three comes more freedom to try new activities and outings because Jackson & Peyton can walk longer distances and all three boys are good listeners (most of the time:)
- With three comes major changes in our daily schedule - no more therapists coming to the house almost every day as Brett ages out of Early Intervention and prepares to enter preschool.
- With three has come the end of food sensitivities for Jackson and Peyton and a lot more food options!
- With three we have two out of three potty trained and saying things on the potty such as - I'm going to need some privacy.
- With three their toys consist of an odd contrast of Fischer Price Little People and Spiderman/Ironman action figure both played with equal amounts of love and imagination.
- With three comes debate. The boys are starting to come up with responses to our directives. For example: Me: You can play outside when you pick up your toys inside. Them: Maybe we can just put these away and leave these out for later, ok?
- With three comes a never ending string of funny things out of their mouths (I hope to blog about this soon!) Recent statements begin with things like: By the way Mommy.... and Actually Daddy...
- With three comes sadness about the baby days becoming more distant, but excitement about all the fun ahead!

Here are some pictures from their birthday! Can we celebrate? Yes we can! (A Bob the Builder reference for those without three year old boys :)

Close up of the cake. Have you ever seen such an amazing cake? Everything on it is edible - the bricks are made out of Kit-Kat bars. Aunt Gina and Uncle Dan baked and sculpted it. And it was as delicious as it is cute! The funniest part was after we sang Happy Birthday the kids started requesting, not a piece of cake, but odd things like - I want the cat's head! or Can I have a brick? or Can I have a piece of Bob's hard hat (this, of course, was all shouted at me simultaneously)..

Everyone was extremely generous and the boys received many great gifts. They each got a big boy bike and couldn't wait to test drive!