Friday, July 3, 2009

Taking it to a whole new level

We are officially and confidently 2/3 walking and boy does it change things! Suddenly they are able to pull things off the kitchen table, counters, reach the top of the stove not to mention how fast they are!

Jackson and Peyton were taking about 3 or 4 cautious steps at a time around the week of June 8 then, all of a sudden, they just decided to get up and start walking June 20. Peyton started and by the end of that day Jackson was doing the same. I waited to post until I got some video and they were a little steadier on their feet. Now they are almost running. They carry things around while walking and - as you'll see - always head in two different directions!
(Jackson in blue, Peyton in green)

Brett is also doing well and his independent sitting continues to improve. Below is some video of him sitting and playing with a toy - by himself! This is huge for Brett and is the result of a lot of hard work on his part, the part of his therapists and loving family members who continue to work with and encourage him. Yes, he is chewing the toy - he is also teething - but it shows how much better his balance and strength are getting. Stay tuned, I plan to do a post about Brett and his therapy in the next couple of weeks!


At July 4, 2009 at 10:29 AM , Blogger Auntie Rhonda said...

It's so exciting seeing Brett doing so well. Guess I need to work more with him sitting on his own. I've been trying to work on his weight bearing. It was great watching him kick his legs so much yesterday. He's such a pleasure to be around. The other two are going to keep you hopping, I'm sure. They pretty much followed each other around yesterday. It was funny trying to keep up with them.


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