Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting their sea legs

The boys are taking swim lessons!

They aren't expected to finish the lessons able to swim laps in the pool - the idea is water acclamation. Tate and I both love the water (can't you tell from our dark tans?) and hope the boys will enjoy it too.
Swimming seems to be good "therapy" for Brett. He has high muscle tone in areas like his legs (often stiff and toes curled tight) and hands which used to be in a constant fist but he opens more now. The water relaxes him so much it is amazing. He doesn't kick and splash on his own but enjoys when you help him and mostly just seems to love the feeling of moving through the water.
Peyton will do well if he pays attention. The first week he wanted Mommy and this week he kept waving to Grammy on the sidelines.
He may be our water bug. He seems bored with the splashing and kicking already and when we practiced jumping off the wall into the water he didn't even wait until Tate counted to 3!

Special thanks to Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy for their willingness to get in a swimsuit and be our 3rd so everyone has a swim buddy.

Here is some video of the boys in the pool in our yard with Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy practicing blowing bubbles (or drinking the water)??? Peyton is on the right and looks like he is bobbing for apples. Jackson on the left saying quack!


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