Monday, May 18, 2009

One less thing to worry about!

So for most of the boys' lives we have operated under the assumption they were allergic to or their tummies were unable to handle milk, soy and wheat products. As Jackson & Peyton began eating more finger foods it became a real challenge to find baby appropriate foods that didn't contain these ingredients. They've had some reactions to other foods as well and I feared they were going to be allergic to everything. I wasn't planning to have them allergy tested, but after my sister Kerry took special care to make their individual birthday cakes free of just about every common baking ingredient and they still broke out - I figured they are old enough now and it is time to get them tested. Brett went last Monday and his only allergy is to pollen - just like his daddy! It is not a bad allergy at all, but good to be aware of. Auntie Nancy came along to bring Peyton & Jackson to the allergist today and they are not allergic to any of the major items tested - mold, pollen, dust, dust mites, dogs, milk, soy, wheat and corn. A huge relief. I was so worried thinking they were allergic to so much that they would have a more severe reaction than just skin irritants. As the doctor cautioned, just because they are not allergic doesn't mean their little tummies can tolerate all these things - but the good news is eventually their systems will mature enough they will grow out of any issues.

So we are left wondering - why are they always breaking out? I already ran out and bought some Aveeno Baby skin care products and our hope is it will help. We are thankful that, although their breakouts (mostly on their faces, torsos and legs) look bad, they do not seem to bother the boys in the least - no itching and scratching.
The boys were all so good at their appointments. They received 10 scratch tests apiece on their backs and had to wait 15 minutes and couldn't touch their itchy backs. A couple of tears out of each and some help from Auntie Nancy singing silly songs and it was over in no time!


At May 20, 2009 at 8:18 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

You had to have been so shocked to have learned that none of your boys are allergic to any of the foods. Crazy!!! I bet that was a big relief, yet confusing that you don't know what's amking them break out. I'm glad the rashes don't bother any of the boys. Mine all have sensitive skin that breaks out in rashes, but the creams from the pedi and derm always help. Good luck!!!


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