Friday, May 15, 2009

First haircuts

I expected to be a lot more emotional about their first haircuts - kind of a passage from baby to boy - but I think the timing made all the difference. Tate has been saying for weeks, maybe months, that the boys needed haircuts (he of the high school mullet!) Sometimes I think he was just saying it to see if I would get all choked up and defensive - which I usually did. I finally agreed they could use a haircut and said we could do it just before their first birthday. But busy lives prevailed and their birthday came and went and they still had their baby hair. Last week as Tate was leaving for work he said "If Granddad comes over today have him cut the boys' hair." as if it was no big deal. I may have gotten a little dramatic about how it is a huge milestone and he needed to be there and it's not something you just happen to do that day. So, on Mother's Day Granddad did the honors and gave them each a trim (as he did for their Daddy when he was a baby). They were so good about it as long as they had their Perky O's, bits of grapes or a bottle. Peyton was first up and pretty still, next was Jackson who was a wiggle worm and was wondering why everyone was staring at him and Brett just wanted to know why Granddad was interrupting his bottle. As I watched, a little sad to see their wisps and curls cut, I found myself wondering how many times, years in the future, I will say "You need a haircut!"

It's amazing what a difference a haircut can make, they really do look more like little boys now. (OK, now I need a Kleenex).



At May 16, 2009 at 8:49 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, your boys did so well with their first hiarcuts, and they look good!!! Great job boys and Grandpa!!!


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