Thursday, May 28, 2009

So long friends

Maizy & Cyrus' 1st Christmas in 2001

I know some of you will read this and not "get it." I used to be one of those people. We never had a dog growing up, so I didn't understood the whole idea of a pet being a part of the family.
So in 2001 when my sister Kerry got not one, but two dogs I couldn't believe it. And not just dogs - Bullmastiffs - big dogs! But the truth is we instantly fell in love with them. Cyrus died earlier this year and Maizy joined him this afternoon. We are heartbroken and can't imagine the hurt my sisters are feeling. The dogs were loved members of our family. We pray Kerry will find peace knowing they are both in a better place and no longer suffering.
Since this blog is about the boys I wanted to share a few quick stories:

Before the boys when we had a bit more free time on our hands Tate and I were often called upon to feed Cyrus and Maizy when Kerry had to work a double shift or when Kerry and Nancy both had plans to be away from home all day. There is nothing like opening the door and having two 100+ pound dogs so happy to see you they come barrelling at you like they were still puppies. I always just braced myself and laughed. So, a few months after the boys were born we were asked to go feed them (Kerry & Nancy only live 5 minutes away!)
I was happy to get out of the house. So I packed up a tiny Peyton and we headed to Auntie Kerry's house.  I set Peyton in his car seat on top and in the middle of a big coffee table while I let the dogs outside. As I was filling their water bowl I heard this tiny yelp and turned around and Cyrus' giant head was sniffing around Peyton's car seat - it was so cute and beside the initial reaction Peyton seemed not to mind a bit.
The boys spent the day with Auntie Kerry and Auntie Nancy last month and Peyton didn't seem to mind Maizy at all. Tate and I played with her a bit so Jackson and Brett could see how friendly she was. By the time we came back to pick up the boys they were all buddies!
Cyrus and Maizy were truly gentle giants. They looked intimidating but were so sweet and tender. My nieces loved to follow them around and sometimes sit on them and they never minded much.
I have tons of great memories with the dogs and am grateful for all the happiness they brought to all of us, especially Kerry. I'm only sorry the boys are so young they won't remember them. But that is what photos are for. So I've shared some below. Unfortunately, we don't have any of Cyrus and the boys and Brett was being cuddled by Grammy at the park and didn't get a picture with Maizy - but you'll get the idea!

Maizy with Auntie Kerry, Jackson & Auntie Nancy  

Maizy, Auntie Kerry & Peyton 
Maizy, Auntie Kerry & Jackson


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