Friday, February 19, 2010

Over booked

Some people dream about bringing their children to Disney World. Me - I've been dreaming about their first trip to the library since they were in utero! I'm a total nerdy bookworm and love to read and I LOVE the library. I have great memories of my mom taking me and my sisters to the library all the time when we were young (Thanks Mom - if only in my imagination books have taken me so many places!) I can't believe it has taken 21 months to get the boys there - I've thought about it and made a note in my calendar about various story times, but for one reason or another it never worked out. So today we had no afternoon plans and the sun was shining so we headed to the library!
The boys were so excited! They have a separate entrance for the children - an archway about 3 feet high - and the second the boys ducked through and came out the other side faced with shelves and shelves of books they kicked into overdrive. The first shelf they went to they found a book about trucks, a school bus and a fire truck. Jackson said "have it?" and I said yes he could pull it off the shelf. He plopped down right there on the floor and started checking it out. They were so excited in the little over an hour we were there they never heard more than a few words of a story. They would pull a book down, open it, look at the pictures, hear a few words and then run over to the shelf and pick another book. I was in my glory watching them but also exhausted chasing them around and trying to re-shelve books and explain the one book at a time concept.
Our library has an awesome children's section so there is so much there for the boys to do!
Here are some photos (sorry they are a little blurry I took them with my phone):

Just like there are displays in the adult sections of the library, our library has display cases at a level for children. The theme was collections and various children had their collections on display including snow globes, super balls, empty bottles and Pez dispensers.

Peyton taking in one of the books. This was seriously the longest he sat still - about 15 seconds!

Jackson chose a book, but was more interested in his brothers' selections!

There is a mouse house in our library - it's Miss Mouse's living room and it is where they hold story times and activities or where children can play and read when there aren't any scheduled events. It is absolutely precious and the boys look like they are walking around in a cartoon.

Brett gets comfortable on a child-size couch in the mouse house.

Peyton shows Jackson and Brett (off camera) the various trucks on the train table. In addition to trains and cars the library also has a barn full of animals the boys had a great time piling in and out of the barn.

After leaving the library we parked the car across the way by the railroad tracks and had a snack while the boys watched the trains - both commuter and freight - roll past. They loved the trains - the bells, gates and whistles. Jackson quickly said "in?" after seeing people get off one of the trains and then he and Peyton must have said it a hundred times afterward. Looks like we'll be taking the boys on a train ride soon!


At February 20, 2010 at 7:08 PM , Blogger Knutson said...

Wyatt loves to read! I can't wait to take him to the library...he will be like a kid in a candy store. Your library is so amazing. Love the boys haircuts! They are all so adorable and getting so big.

At February 21, 2010 at 12:18 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Another place I must try! Please keep posting about your adventures... I'm learning a lot :-). I'm glad your boys share your passion... you are goign to have a lot of fun with books for many years to come!


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