Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tennessee 2012

We made our annual trip to Tennessee this September and we all had a blast. It was fun to hear the boys talk about what they remember and how much they were looking forward to seeing all of our family there.

Here are some photos from our visit:

Jackson on the road. Grandma made the boys bags with special items to enjoy  and pass the time.

Peyton and Jackson stop to play at a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky
Brett plays DJ in the car.
Peyton playing baseball in Aunt Delta's yard.

Jackson & Peyton in the "outfield." They played baseball until the cows came home - literally. They would play until the cows came up from the pasture.

As if we aren't spoiled enough in Tennessee cousin Terrie made arrangements for me and my sisters Kerry  &  Nancy to get a pedicure while she, Tate, Aunt Thelma and Uncle Bert took the boys to the park. I'm still overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity.

The best part of visiting in Tennessee ... all the love:
Tate's favorite - Big breakfast - Yum!

Brett getting some love from Aunt Thelma
Peyton getting kissed on by cousin Terrie
Jackson getting hugs from Uncle Bert
Brett hanging out with Aunt Ramelle and Aunt Juanita,
A family gathering

The cousins

The boys' birthdays are in May, but they celebrate their Tennessee birthday when we are there. The boys even got to pick what they wanted for the cake and they each got their own baseball uniform and personalized ball bags  - look out Little League here we come!

The coolest kid's table. Aunt Brenda & Uncle Steve set up a special Tennessee table for the boys and made a wonderful brunch.

This is as close as Jackson would get to Jenny's Coconut - as you can see she is a fierce dog.

Brett, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of her love and kisses.

Visiting with Jenny and Aunt Peggy came in from Georgia to see the boys.

Jackson - looks good in a Vol's uniform.

Peyton as Smokey

Peyton, Brett & Jackson - three monkeys jumping on the bed. On the way home we stop at a hotel - a huge treat for the boys because they get to swim.
Auntie Kerry & Nancy called our hotel room pretending to be hotel employees to see if the boys were behaving - Peyton did not know what to make of that.

At Steak & Shake on the way home - Brett's face captures how we all feel when visiting Tennessee!


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