Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer in the Sandbox

When I was a girl we had a sandbox in our backyard. We didn't live in walking distance of a park so we spent a lot of time in the sandbox. Some of my favorite memories involve our sandbox. We didn't go to the toy store very often but I remember getting to pick out a new sand toy (maybe it wasn't every year, but that's how I remember it). We also had our sand delivered by a truck so you can imagine the excitement as a dump truck of sand pulled up and dumped off a bunch of sand for us! If you talk to any of my family members they will tell you about the Smurf village I made in the sandbox one summer. I literally spent all day on it and made an entire village and used the little Smurf figurines.

So, when the boys were baptised at 4 months old my parents gave them a sandbox that my dad built and my sisters painted for them. They were too little to enjoy it until this year. Auntie Nancy gave the boys sand for their birthday and they really enjoy playing in there (although I still haven't exactly figured out how to keep the sand in the box and not in the washing machine! I can't wait for nice enough weather for shorts and a hose :) We also have a really nice cover Auntie Amy, Uncle Jackie, Caroline & Sophie got us for Christmas. It fits perfect and keeps the water and animals out.

Tate doing some of the heavy lifting - we have three great foreman too.

Not only did Auntie Nancy buy the sand she really did the work hauling the sand and filling the box - thanks Auntie Nancy!

They all love knocking down anything you build in the sand and Brett loves having his feet buried!


At May 17, 2010 at 1:28 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I was thinking that we could host the next playdate, but now that I know about the sandbox...;-) Hope to see you and your trio soon!


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