Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 things about toddlers

On the eve of the boys' second birthday I am living in denial. I seriously cannot believe that their baby days are gone and they are full blown toddlers - all the books, Websites etc. call them preschoolers which just sends chills down my spine.
But after talking to a friend and fellow triplet mom last week (thanks Jennifer!) I got to thinking about how much I love this age! So I thought I would take the time to blog about some of my favorite things about toddlerhood. (Warning: This post is a bit long). There really are so many things big and small I had trouble limiting it but here it is:

10. Amazing progress. The amount of progress they have made in a year astounds me. Jackson and Peyton took their first independent steps on Father's Day last year and are now climbing, jumping, marching, running and walking up and down the stairs - I will miss them getting on all fours and turning backwards about two feet from the stairs and backing up the whole way until they reached the stairs - so cute! Although Brett's milestones are much different they are also unbelievable. He is now trying to scoot on his belly, can stand on his own when propped against a couch, can sit by himself - sometimes for several minutes - and is now beginning his own journey learning to walk. We are borrowing several walkers to try out and see what will work best for him. This is the first we have tried and he is doing an amazing job and loves it. Here is some video:

9. Their mastering of language. Jackson and Peyton literally say something new every day. They are beginning to speak in full sentences. Peyton is hilarious and will parrot anything you say. Some of my recent favorites are :
- Jackson saying "fighter, fighter" instead of firefighter
- Peyton saying "I can't see anything!" when you pull his shirt off.
- Both of them say "I wuv you" and "I meese (miss) you"
- Jackson & Peyton can spot a UPS truck a mile away and will call it out - which phonetically sounds like this "You peed us!!"
- Jackson cocks his head to the side and shakes it as if saying yes and will say "have it? peas?" (we find it very hard to say no!)
- Jackson saying "I seed it!" which he says after he sees something you point out or if he wants to see something - for example, fire truck - I seed it? when he wants to see one.
- Brett is adding words to his vocabulary list all the time. Sometimes you will hear a word come out of his mouth and you can't believe it, but then you won't hear it again for weeks. Some of his most consistent phrases are "all done" which he can say as clear as a bell when he is ready to get out of his crib! He has started to say Alleluhia! at bedtime after we sing out alleluhia song after prayers. My absolute favorites are that he has said each of his brothers' names once and he sometimes repeats after you saying "I love you" which just melts my heart.

8. Their little toddler body shapes. Brett is gaining weight but is so tall and thin so we have to get pants that are long enough with the adjustable waist, but they still sometimes fall down on him (which apparently is hysterically funny to toddler boys). Jackson and Peyton have what I call the toddler gut and butt. They have the belly sticking out one direction and their little bottoms sticking out in the other direction. Funny how this is only cute when you are 2!

7. Boys in pajamas. I don't know what it is about pj's but they all look so absolutely adorable in them. After a bath, smelling sweet, with their hair combed and their little pj's on - nothing is more adorable.

6. Holding hands. They will hold our hands when told, but also will seek out your hand for holding when standing outside or when they want to show you something. They will hold each others' hands too which is just so sweet.

5. Imagination. This is recently emerging and has always been one of my favorite characteristics of children. It is funny and perplexing what they come up with. One of their favorite things to do is "go shopping" They will put on their backpacks or grab one of the grocery bags and walk to the door and if you ask what they are going to get it is usually crackers and milk. Although occassionally they say peanuts and Cracker Jack (where did they get that???). Then they will turn around and say "I back". Peyton has recently started making his stuffed animals do things. He spilled his snack on the floor and when told to clean it up brought in Big Bird and used Big Bird's hands to pick up each grape. They also want to put diapers on Elmo and Curious George whenever they get a diaper change.

4. Laughter. I will never tire of hearing them laugh. More and more they really crack each other up. Sometimes I don't even know what is funny and they are all laughing. It is such a giggly, silly sometimes squealy laughter that you wish you could just bottle and open whenever you need a pick me up!

3. Seeing things with fresh eyes. It is amazing how many things you don't pay attention to until your children point them out. The boys can do a perfect imitation of a seagull - I never realized how obnoxious they can sound. I now notice every airplane, helicopter, mail truck, police car, bus and spider. Even if the boys are not with me I notice them and find myself wishing they could see them too.

2. Bath time. In their two years I think I have given two baths. It is something Tate took over and has been a special bonding time with him and the boys. But if you say the word bath Jackson and Peyton will head right for the stairs trying to strip off their clothes and Brett will kick his legs and wave his arms like crazy until it is his turn for a bath. It is such a pure joy watching them splash, blow bubbles and play with their beloved bath toys.

1. The uninhibited affection. There is nothing like your boy running at you full blast with his arms open to give you a hug and not letting go. Or hugging your leg while you are making dinner or the way Brett burrows his head into your shoulder when he is trying to get fully awake after a nap.

I would love to hear about other people's favorites too. I am sad they are growing so fast and trying to enjoy every moment. Yes, they have their moments when they can be whiny and push their limits (and mine) and I live in fear of potty training, but every day is something new and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!


At May 1, 2010 at 9:42 PM , Blogger Knutson said...

A very Happy 2nd Birthday to all the boys! Wow. I loved your blog about your favorites. Wyatt is now loving it when we run in circles and I stop to turn around and say boo. His laughter is contagious. He also giggles when I kiss him on his neck under his chin and continuously throws his head back to let me do it. Have a great celebration and we look forward to hearing all about it. Blessings, Shari

At May 2, 2010 at 11:56 AM , Blogger Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...

What a beautiful expression--turning the denial into a masterpiece of moments that you will always treasure and look back on for years to come. I loved reading through your "Top 10 things about toddlers" and could keep on reading. Thank you for sharing the video of Brett learning to walk with that very cool walker! Wow! He is doing great. My child, Matthew's, walker was not as cool as Brett's. I can relate to what you wrote about how you can't believe that you heard Brett say a word and then it won't come out again for weeks. I'm so happy that Brett is saying new words and that Jackson and Peyton are talking in those very cute and often times funny toddler talk sentences.
The "Alleluhia!" that Brett is learning to say after the song prayers is absolutely adorable.
And so are all your boys.

Happy 2nd Birthday Brett!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton!!

At May 2, 2010 at 12:58 PM , Blogger JACS Blog said...

You write so beautifully Jody. This will be a great memory for you and for the boys. You inspire me to do the same.
Toddler moments....every day they amaze me, shock me, make me think and make me appreciate.

A few recent ones for me...
Last night when we returned home from you house, I put Sophie to bed and Caroline and I had a little time together. I made us some popcorn, got us settled on the couch and finally was ready to read her some books. After about 5 books I thought she really needed to get some sleep. She asked for one more book and I agreed. As I opened it she said "There you go Mommy, that's the spirit!"

Songs! I love the songs they sing. Sophie can hear a song once and repeat it (a trait she got from Auntie Kerry no doubt!). They make up their own songs, they combine words from 2 different songs, and they have their favorite songs they like to hear me sing (shockingly!).
They can both sing the theme to Gilmore girls!
It is so fun!!

Thanks again for sharing...
We love you!

At May 2, 2010 at 1:14 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

What a beautiful post! It's fun to think about all the progress they made it a year. Congratulations to you all, and Happy 2nd Birthday Brett, Jackson & Peyton!!!


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